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And so Wheatstone begin to frequent our house. Initially, he showed up one or two evenings a week. And live with us, then as the months went by, he settled permanently in the house.
Our apartment is not very big, so they decided to move us all to my in-laws’ villa. It is huge. Developed on two floors, surrounded by greenery. And so, Wheatstone and Charles, are very happy to welcome us. And then, once they see Wheatstone, whom they had known for years. His face lit up, they adore him. It is a sorrow for them when they part. And then once I arrived, the total disappointment.
Wheatstone explains the situation to them. And that he intended to live with Charles. But is not to give up his marriage. Given my excellent financial resources, and then, that I was a fag. They have always suspected it. And knowing that I am their slave and handyman.
Hairy gay men sucking each other’s dicks
So, we move, the upper floor was ours. And Wheatstone’s bedroom is right above that of his parents. A choice they want, they are excited to find out with Wheatstone.
So, as soon as I returned from work, I discarded my men’s clothes. And I prepare myself. As indicated daily by Charles, by email, who knew very well that it could be read by my personal secretary. And on my return, I go to my well-stocked walk-in closet. I now at the eighty percent, female and I wore as required.
I prepare dinner and hung Wheatstone. Help hir wash, and get ready for him. Washed hir private parts delicately, as a procurator of pleasure. Dried him, and then dress him. Put on his panties, arranged them. Laced them the bra, the garter belt. I hooked up her stockings, and I prepared the necessary for the silk on the bedside table. The gels, the various games, and then I waited for Charles. Before going upstairs, pass by my in-laws to visit them and chat a bit. I would go in in heels, always, and according to previous requests or skirt and blouse or dress. I would say hello, and I was barely greeted. And take the car keys and go out and collected them in the garage.

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